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Bridging the Reel and Real Worlds

Audiovisual technologies continue to advance by leaps and bounds, adding elements of sheer excitement and limitless possibilities when it comes to leveraging them. Today, the technology has blurred its boundaries with that of IT and marcom, and in parallel has spurred the convergence of digital signage, video teleconferencing, and AV distribution. Companies no longer have to “wait” for data analytics at the end of a marketing cycle to gain visibility on the performance of their campaigns; they can tweak them in near real time. As a matter of fact, AV technologies even define the way creative content is laid out. Furthermore, AR and VR technologies continue to create ripples across the marketing sphere. It is estimated that through 2022, the global AV market revenue will grow 4.7 percent every year and create an additional $52 billion dollars in value.

Looking at some of the recent trends in the space, the industry is witnessing a mix of cloud-based and on-premise solutions where the former holds the high ground in terms of adoption. A reduction in operational cost and increased productivity are among the reasons that favor the subtle paradigm shift.

On the other hand, as technology evolves continuously, the latest innovation this year, could be out of date in the next six months. As such, it is important to ensure that AV-IT budgets are being appropriately allocated in future-proof solutions. Relying on modular systems that can be rendered compatible to the future of technology, protocols, and applications is a wise move.

Coming up with this edition has been a dive into exploring a number of innovative service providers, changing trends, needs of the hour, and a glimpse into how the future of the AV realm will shape up. We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the innovative solutions from leading as well as emerging companies featured in this edition will help you in making informed decisions for your institution.

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Bridging the Reel and Real Worlds

Simplifies AV system control, monitors assets, and enables customers, and vendors to work together through cloud-based video collaboration, without the intervention of an AV expert


A complete digital signage solution with integrated hardware and software to provide seamless and efficient content delivery


Designs AV solutions that help customers leverage the full potential of video and audio conferencing communications to amplify their success


Provider of audio visual system performance solutions to large and small scale enterprises, educational institutions and government


Delivers innovative design, engineering, installation, and maintenance services for audiovisual communication systems to corporate, education, healthcare, government, military, and religious entities